“I can’t say enough good things about Spicewood Christian Academy. My son is in third grade, and his teacher is phenomenal, one of the most encouraging people I’ve ever met. And the other teachers are just as wonderful – very passionate and experienced.

The school has a very warm environment. Students of all grade levels are friends and play together. Sometimes my son wishes he were at school on the weekends. And the leadership is excellent, communicating well all the time, working with parents to help the school flourish. I could go on and on, but just give the school a call and take a tour. You will love it!”

Kourtney A. 

“The Spirit of the Lord rests on the teachers, staff and students of Spicewood Christian Academy in a peaceful and joyful way! As we pursue excellence in education, hearts are being transformed with a greater sense of purpose and belonging. It’s truly one big family! My favorite thing is watching the big kids mentor the younger ones. So special!”

Grace R.

“Spicewood Christian Academy is a wonderful school. We have a kinder and an 8th grade student that attend. The middle school teachers go above and beyond to really get to know the students and their learning styles. With the smaller class sizes, our 8th grader has had the chance to grow as a strong Christian leader and role model. The kindergarten team is amazing, working with each child to reach their full potential. All ages of students know each other like a large school family. It is an amazing group of parents and a true community. We were looking for a great private school near our home in Spicewood and so glad we found SCA!”

Paige S.

“We love Spicewood Christian Academy! My two children love attending and they say their favorite part is going to school to learn about Jesus. As a parent I couldn’t ask for a better staff who LOVES and their heart is for my children. It’s a healthy/safe environment for them. The administration is exceptional and all the hard work they put into each children is appreciated. We love Spicewood Christian Academy and couldn’t be more thankful for them.”

Carol A.

We love SCA! There is no other private Christian school like it. I was hesitant because one of my kids has some learning differences but she has THRIVED with the small classrooms, teachers passionate about her success and the daily one on one help! 20 minutes from Bee Caves, a safe place where children actually get educated by professors who care, learn leadership and life skills without any agenda! Best decision we’ve made for our children and their education.”

Chrisi F.