Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean that you are a Christian school?  It means we are a community serving the Lord, just as a church or other ministry.  Our faculty, staff and parents all sign and agree to affirm our Statement of Beliefs.  It means we include Chapel daily and integrate God’s truths into our classroom content and into our expectations for each other.  In short, it means we are a ministry.

Do you accommodate non-traditional learners?  If a student is able to appropriately participate in a classroom learning environment and benefit from that group setting, s/he will likely be a good fit for SCA.  We do not implement IEPs or any curricular modifications, and our teachers are not special education specialists.   Some accommodations are possible on a student-by-student basis.

What about STAAR testing?  As a private school we are not required to conduct STAAR testing and we do not.  We are cognizant of grade level TEKS and meet or exceed those within our course sequence.

What are your class sizes?  We are committed to small class sizes.  At present, our class sizes are 8-12 students.  As we grow, we will cap class sizes at 16 and add additional classes rather than create larger classes.  

What are the qualifications of your faculty and staff?  Our faculty are all experienced teachers, and although we do not require it, many are certified. In addition, many of our staff hold a Master and Doctorate degree!  All faculty and staff undergo a background check before being employed.  We are grateful that God has brought us teachers with key experience in their grade levels or subjects.  

How are grade levels structured?  Kindergarten through 4th grade are self-contained classrooms with one teacher for all subjects.  5th – 9th grade students are taught by subject-specific teachers, who each specialize in teaching in one of the academic areas:  Math, Science, Language Arts and History.

What do I need to know about a school day and your curricula?  Our school day is 8:30am to 3:00pm; the core academics are in the mornings, and enrichment classes and chapel are in the afternoon. We use a variety of curricula from BJUPress, ACSI, Saxon, IEW, All About Spelling/Reading, and wonderful literature readers (whole books) to complement our textbooks.

How do we proceed with enrollment?  You may fill out the simple contact form, or for more information click the “Family Interest Form”.  The Head of School will schedule a Family Interview and tour.  If we all agree that it appears SCA is a good fit for your family, you will complete the Full Enrollment Form and pay the Registration Fee. After enrollment we will provide additional information on dress code, supplies, policies, and everything you need to integrate your child into our learning community!