Spicewood Christian Academy

Transforming lives and futures through an education centered on Christ from Pre-K through 9th grade. 

Teaching Christian Values

The mission of Spicewood Christian Academy is to develop the next generation of Christ-centered servant leaders with integrity and academic excellence.
  • Devoted Christian teachers, parents and staff
  • Small class size for optimal learning
  • 5 day schedule (Noon dismissal on Fridays with after school care until 4:00pm)
  • Daily chapel/Bible class
  • Christ-centered environment
  • Partnering with parents and families
  • Active faith-based learning
  • Strong commitment to, and involvement in, our community
  • Daily schedule: 8:30am-3:00pm academic courses, enrichment class period, daily chapel.
  • Currently the only private school in Spicewood, TX with students in Pre-K- 9th grade
  • Commitment to teach skill-based subjects of math and language arts systematically and logically, and to teach content-based subjects from a Christian worldview. 
  • Teaching history across time periods and around the globe; science across the wide spectrum of science disciplines
  • A true liberal arts education that encompasses art, music & PE in addition to core academics
  • Intentional focus on developing Christ-centered servant leadership in every student


Mike W
Mike W
Our daughter has had the best experience as a kindergartener at SCA. We appreciate the family feel of the school, the Christian enrichment, and the quality education. Mrs. Smiles has made her first year in elementary school exemplary. She has excelled at reading, writing, and math. Best of all, her classmates have all become great friends who encourage and support each other daily.
Marco Broccardo
Marco Broccardo
My son and daughter have been attending for about a year now. They are so intentional about raising Christ centered leaders that will impact and influence generations to come. Love this school!
Jason Black
Jason Black
We've watched the school & our children grow together for 3 years now. This past year alone, attendance has doubled as now more & more people realize what a gift SCA is to our community. Not only are the children learning all the critical core academics under the tutelage of a staff with several doctorates teaching, they are also learning valuable ethics & morals like integrity, generosity, charity, work ethic, inclusion, teamwork, critical thinking, civics, kindness and so much more. As a father of 6 children, I've seen the difference between the offerings of so-called "exemplary" public schools who teach woke agendas & gender confusion in contrast to this focused private school with exceptional individual care for students using very small student to teacher ratios & teaching traditional American values. I could go on & on but the biggest distinguishing factor is our children WANT to attend school. They go to school with joy & come home from school with SMILES on their faces. That. Is. Priceless .
Mark Guerry
Mark Guerry
Rachel showed us around this wonderful school. I'm so glad we've got the opportunity to tour this for my grandchildren. It's a great place for youthful minds to grow and learn.
Rahel Schafer
Rahel Schafer
OH WOW!!! Thank you so much Rachel, y’all have been so generous and gracious and continue to be with our family. We are so grateful for SCA, you and the community. Every time vallen comes home with a stack of papers he’s done seeing him progress, learning Gods word, making friends and being excited about all the extra things like art class, PE and sign language my mama heart fills up. Thank you for everything you and your family has sacrificed for the community. We love y’all!!
All of that staff that I have met here are amazing. It's great to have another local school option in the area.
Jordan Tiller
Jordan Tiller
It's a great school the principle Rachel is amazing!
Beth Deming
Beth Deming
We love SCA! Our daughter was struggling in public school, and when we switched our expectations were exceeded! The teachers are amazing!! We are so thankful for SCA and everything it has done for us.
Lidia Frayne
Lidia Frayne
Love Spicewood Christian Academy! The opportunities for leadership, public speaking and so much more start at a very young age. We could not be happier.

“Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths.”

Psalm 25:4


Our goal is to prepare students to serve God and others, to develop their interests, to foster joy in learning, and to build community by partnering with parents to train up their children to become Christ-centered leaders for the purposes God has for them.


Students who have early musical training will develop the areas of the brain related to language and reasoning.

Students and parents working on art projects.


Giving wings to the artists who’d like to take it up as a career or just a hobby.

Students planting seeds.


The practice of cultivating plants and livestock.

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