Deborah received her Bachelor of Arts from Southern Methodist University, studying English and Psychology, followed by a Master of Arts from Oral Roberts University, specializing in curriculum development. Deborah moved to Austin in 2006 to teach at Shoreline Christian School, beginning a journey in Christian education in both traditional and homeschool-hybrid schools. Throughout the past 17 years, Deborah has taught kindergarten through 7th grade students, written curriculum, overseen children’s ministry, and run a multi-age one-room schoolhouse. She earned her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership in 2017. Her heart is to partner with the Holy Spirit in the classroom, integrate the truth of God’s Word into every subject, and guide students to discover their identity in Christ. In her spare time, Deborah enjoys board games, reading, jigsaw puzzles, playing with Katie (family dog), and Detroit Tigers baseball. Dr.McMullen is also the Academic Dean of Spicewood Christian Academy.
Dr. Deborah McMullen
3rd Grade